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1,312 Websites analysed | 32M Unique URL’s scraped | 102M Data points extracted.

Website Analysis

The web is built on a vast array of different platforms and programming languages. Understanding how these are structured and organised is crucial to successful data scraping.

Data Selection

When viewing a website, the information that's available for extraction is not always clear. Many websites contain useful data points within the source code that can also be extracted

Data Extraction

We use sophisticated extraction scripts to pull the data you need. We're able to extract, clean and present the data in an organised way, to suit your requirements.

You may have heard the news, bots are stealing jobs left, right and centre. By 2025, half of all work ON THE PLANET will be handled by robots (that’s 75 million).  But those that foresee Armageddon are missing a trick, as the rise of the......

While most people will probably go through their entire lives without hearing the words data scraping put together in a sentence, anyone who deals in any kind of market online will, and they should listen very closely. Web and data scraping, once something that only......

The amount of information available on the Internet grows larger day by day. Humans cannot process such substantial amounts of data manually. As a result, we need to find a way to automatically access and process this data. This can be done with webscraping. For......

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