Property Sales Data Scrape

Project brief: 

Collect property sales data, refreshed weekly, segmented by location (postcode) and property type. Using a second source, collect data on existing properties on the market in the same areas and compare prices vs sales history.

  • Weekly automated scrape of sales data by location, with data added to a Google Sheet doc. Separate tab created to analyse and organise data.

  • Second weekly automated scrape of properties currently on the market, with this data added to the same Google Sheets doc on a separate tab.

  • Master tab set up in shared Google Sheets doc to compare all data, highlighting areas of opportunity (property sales price lower vs sold average).

This set up can be replicated across other data sets, for example rent data. Where available, lat / long coordinates on listings can be used to build visual representations of the data, with maps showing listing density and price levels.

Property Sales Data Scrape Wrekin Data
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