Supplier Product Scrape + Update

Project brief:

Scrape product price and stock quantity from a supplier website twice a day, with results then passed to a database that updates clients website price and stock.



We set up an automated scrape that ran at two specific times each day, collecting both the product price and inventory stock quantity available. The scraping script was hosted in a cloud location, meaning the automation process wasn’t reliant on a local machine.


The data was then processed and, using a script hosted on a VPS, was passed via a Shopify API to update the clients products on their website.


The final process provided an automated and regular update to key information on the clients website. Without this process, the client risked either promoting products no longer available or at a loss, where supplier prices had changed.


Whilst this system integrated with the Shopify API, it can be adapted to work with almost any other CMS (magento, woo etc.).

Supplier Product Scrape + Update Wrekin Data
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